Welcome international visitors and customers!

I would like to invite you to my new webstore, where you can find available jewelry with English descriptions and information.


ABOUT MY WORK | About 10 years ago I decided to express my passion for art, nature, lace, unique and handmade and that’s how Kvičke Kvačke were born. At first Kvičke Kvačke were crocheted handmade jewelry but since I was striving towards designing completely unique and recognizable jewelry, Kvičke Kvačke constantly evolved. When I digitized my previously hand painted patterns and laser engraved them on wood, Kvičke Kvačke finally became a unique handmade wooden jewelry that I always wanted to create. It’s really inspiring and dreamy when I think about my Kvičke Kvačke traveling all around the globe and bringing joy in your everyday’s life. I would be really happy if you decide to be the first one to wear them in your neighbourhood. Allow me to invite you to sign up for Kvičke Kvačke newsletter and receive a welcome gift and to follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Kvičke Kvačke jewelry is also available on Etsy.